Weird Giraffe Games with Carla Kopp

In this episode, host Nalin talks to Carla Kopp about marketing for Weird Giraffe Games.

We discuss:

          [1:02] All of the project Carla is currently working on and how she started in the board game industry.

          [7:39] Creating new community activities to share and learn together online, in the current “new normal” context.

          [12:19] Having the opportunity to choose who to work with, prioritizing working with creators who have a good attitude towards the creation process of their game, and who are fun to work with. For this, online communities with organic and real relationships have been very useful. 

          [15:10]  Choosing a team of people and creators who can bounce ideas and have opinions to make games even better. 

          [18.38] The process of working with a publisher for a game can take a long time, up to years. It requires a long marketing strategy, approaching reviewers, getting feedback, finishing the game.  There is no “one size fits all” strategy.

          [25:21] How to target people on the mailing lists for different games. Email is king, and it let’s create a special treatment for super fans.

          [31:09] The importance of having an online presence for creators, to share their game constantly and creating a name for themselves and their game. Take advantage of all of the people online and the feedback they can give. 

          [34:39] How to contact Weird Giraffe Games and Carla Kopp!

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