Token Terrors with John de Campos

In this episode, host Nalin talks to John de Campos about Token Terrors, which raised $29,159 on Kickstarter. 

We discuss:

          [1:26] What Token Terrors is all about. 

          [2:49] Going to events and presenting the game to people face to face gives a great opportunity to catch quality emails for the list. Nurturing relationships and moving around the circle of people involved in publishing and tabletop games also creaters a chance to interact with more people with the same interests.

          [6:42] Having a nice welcoming table on events where people can try the game makes a huge impact.

          [10:16] Being proactive in the online communities where board games creators and players are. 

          [19:00] Consult with expert publishers and creators to see if your game is missing something or if it could have something else.  

          [24:42] What’s coming up on Terrible Games.

          [27:54] How they did ads and what converted better for their product. What the cost per click was.

          [30:20] How they used Reddit, and how not to get banned from it with too much self-promotion. Always follow the 10 to 1 rule. 

          [34:02] The reason behind a 18-day campaign. 

          [36:02] The key behind the success of marketing for this campaign was like a snowball effect, but the most important part was to have a great product to promote. 

          [38:43] How to connect with John. 

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Final marketing tip from John to new board game creators:

“Be vigilant, learn how to take critiism, know your market.”






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