Token Sesame with Dan Blacklock

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Dan Blacklock about how he has managed not one, but two successful projects. Dan takes us through his entire process of product design, community building, backer engagement, and how all of that is tied into marketing.

He discusses where he has found success and shares many tips for how you can be successful in all aspects of your own product from start to finish. 

We discuss:

  • [2:22]: How Dan’s competitive mindset helped him get into the board game creating world and pushes him to be the successful creator that he is today.
  • [7:06]: The importance of working with an industrial designer and how it will affect your cost efficiency in production. 
  • [13:00]: What we can all learn about other’s feedback from Dan’s horrible Reddit experience that made front-page headlines.
  • [21:16]: How Dan fosters a holistic brand experience for BoxThrone (a piece of furniture) by creating an entire alternate fantasy world.
  • [25:46]: Not only did Dan create and launch a successful project once, but he did it twice! Learn about how he leverages those initial backers to hold fast to their support for current and all future projects. 
  • [30:04]: How to think outside the box and market in that mid-campaign-slump.
  • [34:55]: Dan’s advice to people who are new to creating products and running them on Kickstarter.
  • [38:04]: The negatives of rushing through a launch and why Dan will do more Facebook Lead Ads on the next go-around.
  • [49:01]: How to get in touch with Dan Blacklock.

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Final marketing tip from Dan to new board game creators:

“I’d say the most important thing is to put aside a budget for ads and be prepared to spend at least $1000 building your email list before launch. Understand Facebook and Google ads, or talk to an agency about providing you with advertising services. When it comes to ads, test, test, test – and don’t think that poor images or sloppy text will convert poorly – sometimes the strangest creative gets the most clicks, it’s completely counter-intuitive…I’ve seen the wonkiest ads go stratospheric. You only get to launch once, so it’s better to make sure your campaign is strongly supported by a healthy ad spend!”

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