The Phantom: The Card Game with Mikael Lyck

In this episode, host Nalin talks to Mikael Lyck about marketing for The Phantom: The Card Game that raised SEK 377,860 (approx $40,800 USD) on Kickstarter.

We discuss:

          [2:37] Transforming an early passion for games into a business

          [4:29] Investing time in forums and gaming groups, being part of the community, to get the project’s name out there.

          [9:36] Using Reddit as a smart marketing strategy to find the right audience for this game style and getting feedback on it. 

          [14.57] Spending enough time on the pre launch marketing and community interactions pre launch. 

          [18:37] Connecting with other creators on the same niche to collaborate and promote each other. 

          [21:31] Announcing the launch on all the channels, and on the forums and Facebook groups.

          [26:18] The marketing strategy during the live campaign, and the connection with engaging followers and backers.

          [28:23]  The benefits of having chosen an existing IP for the game, in creating organic relationships in fandom forums, and in finding an audience.

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Final marketing tip from Mikael to new board game creators:

Read up. Know your costs, know your target audience!

Kickstarter campaign: 



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