The Mariana Trench with Tris Rossin

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Triss from The Mariana Trench, about the marketing strategy and learnings from the re-launch campaign for this game.

What can creators learn from listening to their audience and the consequences of spreading too thin when it comes to trying to cover each and every social channel and marketing strategy. This is a great episode for all of those creators thinking about re-launching their own campaigns! 

 We discuss:

  • [1:30]: How a family project became the first game Triss designed, that has led him to work for over 4 years in game development now.
  • [06:07]: Triss advises you to not take the ones who came before you and the community experience for granted. Take it and implement what people are looking for into your creations. Use the constructive feedback you get.
  • [10:10]: Triss creates blog posts to share the creation and thinking journey of each game, and create organic relationships with the audience and possible reviewers of the game. He uses the communities on Facebook and Twitter to grow his organic reach.
  • [17:30]: The importance of having reviews and a great launch video ready before launch day to build excitement around the game. And the fear and excitement of pressing launch on your campaign and actually going live!
  • [21:23]: Having great reviews, quotes, and stretch goals promotions as marketing strategies on the live campaign phase worked great for Triss.
  • [23:16]: How Triss did some more traditional marketing with Facebook ads and groups, measuring the conversion rate and traffic he was getting on his landing page.
  • [27:57]: Remember that even the best campaigns and projects have ups and downs, and that Kickstarter can be overwhelming, but that’s ok.
  • [29:40]: Where can you find Triss and the Mariana Trench game!

Final marketing tip from Triss to new board game creators:

“It’s a marathon and not a race. Prepare content or at least time frame content to keep the project fresh and interesting for the duration. Finally, even the best projects have big dips, it’s normal, don’t let it get you down.”

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