Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Game with Malachi Ray Rempen

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Malachi Ray Rempen about the two very different marketing tactics he used for his two successful games. Having come from being a filmmaker, Malachi had a lot to learn about the gaming industry.

His story may be unconventional, but it is one that any aspiring board game creator can learn an abundance from. Malachi is extremely transparent with his journey and is sure to give you a plethora of information to ensure your success. 

We discuss:

  • [1:37]: How a filmmaker found success in the board game industry.
  • [7:50]: How Malachi accidentally rolled into gaming success & how it inspired him to keep going and make another game.
  • [10:52]: Why Malachi gives you permission not to take his advice.
  • [14:05]: Why Malachi’s campaign curve was a straight line from start to finish instead of the typical bell curve. 
  • [17:10]: How nothing will appeal to everyone and why you should create a fictional ideal customer like Malachi and his team did.
  • [25:25]: Why treating people who aren’t truly backers as if they were will go a long way.
  • [29:46]: The two tones in asking for feedback according to Malachi.
  • [34:40]: How Malachi got overconfident in his marketing due to his run of luck with his first gaming success.
  • [37:34]: How Malachi bit off more than he could chew with Facebook Ads and what you can learn from his mistakes.
  • [42:58]: How to get in touch with Malachi Rempen.

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Final marketing tip from Malachi to new board game creators:

“My one bit of advice to first-time creators is: don’t launch until you have a following. Get that following by giving content or services away for free (comics like me, a podcast like you, or a blog like Jamey Stegmaier for example) over a long period of time, then once you’ve built up goodwill among a community you can ask for something in return. Until then you’ll find it a difficult climb”


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