Relics of Rajavihara with Joe Slack

In this episode, host Nalin talks to Joe Slack about marketing for  Relics of Rajavihara, that raised  CA$ 63,360 on Kickstarter.

We discuss:

          [1:29] Where the inspiration to create Relics of Rajavihara came from. 

          [6:37] Using niche specific Facebook Groups engagement to create organic relationships and create a following for the game as a pre-launch marketing strategy.

          [12:03] The strategy and approach to converte these organic conversations into email subscribers. 

          [20:56] The importance of implementating this marketing steps to create an engaged following of people. 

          [23:18] How to decide when is time to launch: data and instinct. 

          [25:44] Preparing ahead of time the strategy for the live campaign marketing: ads, outreach, reviews, and stretch goals. 

          [33:48] The strategy to look for and approach reviewers.

          [37:22] The importance of having a timeline and due dates, accounting for enough time to plan for marketing, but that are also flexible enough dates.

          [43:20]  The upcoming projects of Crazy Like A Box.

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Final marketing tip from Joe to new board game creators:

In terms of one piece of advice, I would say make sure you have enough of a following for your game that you feel confident that it will get funded within the first day or two. If you’re not feeling confident about this, continue to build your following, even if this means delaying your launch date.”

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