Launch Marketing Roadmap Bundle


Typically, game designers put the vast majority of their marketing focus into (1) reviews/previews for the page, (2) pouring money into Facebook/Instagram ads and (3) creating a beautiful Kickstarter page. In reality, your marketing focus should be spent on ALL of this.

That’s where this book + workbook comes in.

What’s inside:

1. The Launch Marketing Roadmap Book
This book is 90+ pages. It takes the Marketing Tips I write every single week in the Kickstarter Board Game Marketing Group, fleshes it out, and organizes it into chronological marketing order.

2. Action Prompts
Strategies are great and all, but it won’t mean much unless you can apply it to your own game. That’s why inside the book, you’ll also receive Action Prompts to guide you to act on each of the strategies you learn. This accompanies every single chapter you find.

3. The Launch Marketing Roadmap Workbook
This is meant to be used alongside the Launch Marketing Roadmap Book and provides space for you to get the work done. Read the strategy and Action Prompts in the Book and map out your own custom gameplan in the workbook.