Postcard Games with Travis Drake

In this episode, host Nalin talks to  Travis Drake about Postcard Games that raised   $11,267  on Kickstarter.

We discuss:

–          [1:29] How Browuhaha Games started and what it was like to dove right into game creation and launching with its first campaign. Learning while doing.

–          [4:14 Asking the first and most important question for success: who is your audience? Who is your game for?

–          [9:25] Using all of the data from Facebook ads and testing around to understand your audience better, what they respond more to. Looking at cost per click and subscribers through different channels as performance indicators.

–          [14:58] Having a simple DIY’d landing page, photoshoot and email marketing system worked for the specific audience and because the product idea was good. Simple sometimes goes a long way.

–          [19:04] Managing and communicating to the different audience groups. Collecting feedback and taking this to make the game better before launch.

–          [24:23] Being helpful and organically active in the creator’s community is the best way of doing networking. Being authentic first, helping each other. People want to see other people succeed.

–          [28:08] Having a marketing plan for the live campaign phase, not coming with it on the go. Although most of the marketing is done pre launch, when the campaign is live creators should have a good idea of who they want to reach and what they want to communicate. 

–          [30:31] Experimenting with different channels and groups to spread the word and networking.

–          [35:35] Value organic reach as a marketing strategy. Being active in groups of people who are passionate about the same niche can be great for a campaign. And it’s an investment of time, not so much of money.

–          [36:01]How to connect with Travis at Brouha Games

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