Navigating Ads With Brenna Noonan

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Brenna Noonan about marketing board games with advertisements. Brenna is the queen of all things advertising.

She has tested and implemented strategies that have proven to work wonders for a multitude of clients. The insights that Brenna shares could be invaluable to you and your campaign. You are going to want to listen to this. Bring a pen and paper, too!

We discuss:

  • [9:41]: What marketing services Brenna offers to her clients at Quillsilver.
  • [15:41]: What Brenna thinks about videos in ads.
  • [16:43]: What platform should you be focusing on for advertisements? Instagram? Facebook? Brenna tells us what she has seen work the best for her and her clients.
  • [21:01]: What is Facebook Pixel and how can it take defining your audience to the next level?
  • [26:34]:  The most common missteps that Brenna sees others making in their campaign marketing.
  • [29:39]: You’ve defined your audience. You’ve captured your audience. You have good ad frequency. What now?
  • [32:00]: Ok. So you’ve gotten leads but how do you determine the quality of the leads you have? Here’s how..
  • [35:06]: Brenna’s mindset of sharing a lot of information about your game before launching on Kickstarter. Is it good? Is it bad? Maybe it’s exactly what your campaign needs!
  • [37:15]: Everything you need to know about advertising from launch day onward according to Brenna.
  • [39:29]: Brenna’s thoughts behind an unconventional 16 day campaign and why she thinks shorter campaigns are the way to go.
  • [43:12]: How to get in touch with Brenna Noonan.

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 Final marketing tip from Brenna to new board game creators:

“Get another (or several!) sets of eyes on your campaign page. What may seem intuitive to you because you’re so familiar with the product may not come across clearly to someone else. While “design by committee” is not the goal, it’s important to be open to feedback and constructive criticism in the interest of optimizing your page.”

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