Mesa Game Lab with David Diaz (Expert Interview)

In this episode, host Nalin talks to David Diaz about marketing for Mesa Game Lab.

We discuss:

          [0:54] How Mesa Game Lab was created to help create great videos and gifs for kickstarter campaigns.

          [5:00] The importance of creating an engaging main image and 30 first seconds of the video. 

          [7:06] The best practices to create engaging gifs for the campaign page.

          [10:36] Organizing on how the features of the game will be presented on the video, and how to enhance those features in video production.

          [12:34] Presenting the game set up and playtest experience through the gifs to create a better online experience for potential backers. 

          [15:15] The production time frame and why having at least the video ready some weeks before launch is a good marketing idea. 

          [21:00] Process outline: How Mesa Game Lab works each package they offer for creators, what they need and how they conceptualize each video for each client.  

          [25:46] How the team specializes in different parts of the video production complex process. 

          [30:36] The communication with the client dynamic, from the first approach to the end product. 

          [32:33]  The new projects coming up.

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Final marketing tip from David to new board game creators:

“Do your research! Get on Kickstarter and look at as many campaign videos and pages as you can, both successful and unsuccessful, to see what works and what doesn’t. And if video production or designing a page is out of your wheelhouse, look into hiring a professional to help.”




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