Mantis Falls with Julianne Bierwirth & Adrian Kerrihard

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Julianne Bierwirth and Adrian Kerrihard about their incredible crowdfunding journey with Mantis Falls.

Learn how Julianne and Adrian put their heart and soul into not only the game creation, but their relationship with their audience and how that has been the biggest factor in their game board success. 

We discuss:

  • [12:13]: How Adrian and Julianne experimented with test playing and used that in cultivating their audience.
  • [16:47]: How letting Facebook ads do the work for their game skyrocketed their success.
  • [19:09]: The biggest influence in pre-launch marketing that worked for them that wasn’t social media. 
  • [20:20]: What to say and what kind of content to release if you’re new to game design and don’t know where to start.
  • [24:42]: How Julianne and Adrian built a community of true trust. Why these people who weren’t even backers yet were rooting for them with all they had.
  • [34:19]: Why Julianne and Adrain had to completely alter their stretch goals mid-campaign and how they pulled it off.
  • [37:48]: How Julianne and Adrian kept people talking on all different platforms during their campaign.
  • [43:47]: Advice from Julianne and Adrian
  • [52:37]: How to get in touch with Julianne and Adrian.

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 Final marketing tip from Julianne & Adrian to new board game creators:

“I think our biggest bit of advice for folks new to KS is to take all of the time you need to build your audience and hype up the game launch. For us it took almost a year to get ready and even then we felt quite pressed for time. There’s always more you can do- conventions, getting games to reviewers, reaching out to podcasters, streaming live playthroughs, putting the game online, building social media, submitting the game for awards…etc.”

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