Macaron with Ta-Te Wu

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Ta-Te Wu from Macaron, about the marketing strategy and learnings from the launch of the game.

We talk about the importance of having a reviewer marketing strategy in place, and of finding the best reviewers that fit with a game.

 We discuss:

  • [1:29]: How Ta-Te went from a youth experience playing games, to board game designer and publisher.
  • [06:04]: Where the inspiration for Macaron, his newest game, came from, and how from the beginning there were doubts about launching a game with a less popular name or topic. 
  • [14:30]: The importance of having a reviewer strategy to expand the audience reach, and including previous backers as part of the base audience for a new game.
  • [18:58]: Ta-Te’s updates and marketing strategy with the reviews he got. 
  • [22:43]: How to include previous backers into the marketing for new games, and his experience with Backerkit.
  • [25:46]: An important lesson on pricing fit.
  • [28:21]: How creators should work with streamers and how it can help their campaign.
  • [33:16]: Why Facebook targeting is the best mass marketing strategy.
  • [36:26]: The importance of researching the game community, check out the reviewers, and see who would be the best fit for your game, in order to reach the right audience.
  • [40:53]: How you can get in touch with Ta-Te.

Final marketing tip from Ta-Te to new board game creators:

“My advice would be to review any Kickstarter projects that are related to the theme and mechanic of their own project and find out what might contribute to their success or failure.”

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