Knights Of The Hound Table with Kenny Chapman

In this episode, host Nalin talks to Kenny Chapman about marketing for Knights Of The Hound Table that raised $10,310 on Kickstarter.

We discuss:

          [1:03] Their process of launching a game with friends

          [2:52] How they capitalized on the theme of their game to grow organically through their Instagram page. 

          [5:02] Creating an Instagram hashtag strategy. They tried with different hashtag groups to discover the best conversation to organic grow. 

          [8:39] How email subscribers worked better for their campaign than a social media following. Email subscribers turned out to be people who were already invested in the project and the process. 

          [11:33] Their Facebook ad campaign strategy was trial and tweak and trial again. This is how they managed to lower their cost per acquisition and cost per click.

          [18:06] The important role of friends and family for their funding goal in combination with the email subscribers.

          [21:43] How to use early bird specials, email activation and Facebook group strategies for the campaign. 

          [25:37] How they experimented with ways to combat the crowdfunding Valley of Death in the middle of the campaign. 

          [29:32] It was incredibly helpful to have someone on the team who is savvy with ads and social media marketing since it means email subscribers which were the most loyal fan base. 

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Final marketing tip from Kenny to new board game creators:

Build an audience of email subscribers and social media followers before you launch on Kickstarter. Have people ready to mobilize and support you BEFORE asking for money.

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