Indipro with Will Carson

In this episode, host Nalin talks to Will Carson about Indipro.

We discuss:

          [2:03] How Will went from role-playing games in his childhood, to become a tabletop game distributer with the goal to bring indie games to the store shelves.

          [4:36] How creators can work with Indipro to promote and distribute their games. When working together since pre-launch, Indipro will advise you on what can be also improved for marketing and distribution reasons, which can in itself help for the success of the campaign.

          [9:35] A good game will always have great gameplay and a clear rulebook/video.

          [11:43] How many copies work better, the type of packaging and pricing per style of game. 

          [19:15] Using Kickstarter as a way to fund creating a game vs. using it as a way to find a bigger market.

          [21:57] The services and help you can get with Will and Indipro.

          [26:11] Reorders and the distribution process timeline.

          [28:54] How to connect with John and Indipro.

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Final marketing tip from Will to new board game creators:

“Have an audience already, and if you can, launch it in a time where you plan on being at least one if not more conventions, so you can get that synergy going.”





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