Indie Game Alliance with Matt Holden

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Matt Holden from Indie Game Alliance, a service that helps crowdfunding creators bring their games to life.

Their approach is to help creators with whatever they need help with! This means for him and his team that they need to wear many hats, but in the end it’s all worth it. You cannot miss this one!

We discuss:

  • [1:24]: How Matt went from video games to tabletop games, to working to make other creator’s launches easier, more easygoing, and successful, and how their plans work for every project size and individual member’s needs. 
  • [07:39]: Indie Game Alliance is all about making things easier for the creator, helping them with marketing, playtesting, shipping, etc. And they have a net of people all over the world who demo and teach new games at game stores. 
  • [11:41]: How the volunteer net works. You can sign up for free!
  • [17:13]: How the IGA system works, and how the creators feel less overwhelmed about everything that is going on with their launch.
  • [19:14]: The challenges of an online world this year inspired IGA not to create their own online convention, but to help all of the people launching and promoting to create their own online events and get a push through that.  
  • [24:24]: New things coming for IGA members!
  • [27:44]: The first objective of IGA is to help creators with whatever they need help with. This means they do a lot of different things and offer different services to help creators make their ideas a reality.  

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