Galaxy Dice with Chris Rossetti

In this episode, host Nalin talks to Chris Rossetti about marketing for Galaxy Dice that raised $16,115 on Kickstarter.

We discuss:

          [3:21] Taking an early passion in games and creating a business out of it

          [5:33] The importance of a good pitch video

          [7:53] Investing heavily in the art upfront since it is the first thing people see for a game

          [9:45] Being very active in The Game Crafter community and building long-term relationships with other game designers

          [12:01] Not paying for reviews of the game and connecting with new and upcoming cerators in that way

          [15:00] The exact elements Chris makes sure to include in all his Kickstarter videos

          [17:57] Purchasing an easy-to-remember domain that automatically redirects to his Kickstarter page

          [22:01]  How to create an enticing pricing strategy to get people to back, especially the no-brainer pricing strategy

          [30:53] Finding engaged fans and brand ambassadors to spread the word about the game

          [34:06] Building a Kickstarter launch model to continue designing and launching games as a hobby 

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