Distributor and Retailer Marketing with Ross Thompson

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Ross Thompson about everything you need to know when you’re thinking about different distribution channels and retail for your game. He explains the tiers involved in the distribution organization and gives you tips on how you can get prepared to go into retail even before getting fully funded.

 We discuss:

  • [01:36]: Ross tells us who he is, a bit about his experience, and how the different tiers of fulfillment and distribution work together.
  • [04:19]: Why and how you should contact distributors and retailers before your campaign finishes.
  • [08:11]: Ross talks about how to manage and think ahead with quantities so you’re ready to go into retail after getting funded. 
  • [10:17]: What a retailer kit for retailers is, how does it affect your PR strategy, and why is it important.
  • [16:24]: Your energy and resources should be invested depending on the main goal you want to achieve with your game. Is it quantity? Quality? Mentions?
  • [18:55]: How distributors think about price, and who you should be partnering with to distribute your own game.
  • [24:38]: What is the difference between a crowdfunding audience and a retail audience, and how you should think about it if you want to create a brand after crowdfunding. 
  • [28:52]: What makes a customer come back to buy from you? How to promote your games and produce new fresh content. 
  • [33:56]: The difference between thinking just about a local or regional market, and an international market, and how that can make or break your brand.
  • [38:30]: Being involved in the publishing and board game community online can only help you grow as a creator. You should be getting informed about what’s going on in the community and forming relationships with other creators, publishers, and everyone that can be a part of your creative journey.

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