Dice Command with Ejected Planet

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Sam and Tyler from Ejected Planet about the creation and marketing process for Dice Command and how they’re planning on growing their brand.

How they converted people they met on Instagram through playtesting experiences into backers and fans. Check out their whole experience launch and getting fully funded! 

We discuss:

  • [01:37]: Launching a board game experience through Tabletopia.
  • [06:37]: Using playtesting and social media organic relationships as a pre-launch marketing strategy.
  • [11:19]: Most of their backers came from the “notification follow” subscriber. This method was extremely effective although publishing it months in advance. 
  • [18:17]: Getting reviews and promotion from small and medium-sized influencers and YouTubers can help your game reach out to a smaller but more tight together community.
  • [23:14]: It’s absolutely possible to DIY your campaign page, but the most important thing is to research thoroughly what other campaigns in the same niche have done. 
  • [26:21]: Never leave a page and social channels without updates! Try to keep people hyped up by the upcoming launch the weeks prior to it.
  • [28:47]: Using conventions offline and online throughout the middle days of the campaign and how it converted to actual backers.
  • [35:03]: Organic reach out was the best marketing strategy: giving people the chance to actually play the game and get feedback on it. 
  • [39:04]: How they’re planning on moving forward with the brand and what they’ve learned from this first experience.
  • [40:43]: How you can get in touch with Ejected Planet.

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 Final marketing tip from Sam and Tyler to new board game creators:

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask if they would like to play your game. Timing for this depends On a few factors but for us when our game was 80-90% developed and we were testing to fine tune everything. That way the person giving you their time gets to experience the game in a close to finished and hopefully enjoyable state but can still feel free to give you input on things they didn’t care for or may have felt weird.”

 Ejected Planet website: https://www.ejectedplanet.com/

 Ejected Planet Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ejectedplanet/

 Ejected Planet Twitter: https://twitter.com/ejectedplanet

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