Crowdfunding on Gamefound with Marcin Świerkot

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Marcin Swierkot from Gamefound. They discuss how this pledge manager has evolved into a complete crowdfunding platform tailored for board game creators and enthusiasts.

Its vision is to make every part of the user experience as both creator or backer the easiest and most personalized way possible so that everyone can aim for success.

 We discuss:

  • [1:26]: Gamefound started as a pledge manager, but has now evolved into a complete crowdfunding platform with the vision of making everything easier for both the creator and the backer, specifically on the board games section. 
  • [08:39]: One of the main offers Gamefound wants to make is to create an easier alternative for calculating and managing taxes, so the creator can focus on their game as much as possible.
  • [11:56]: The main difference between Kickstarter and Gamefound is that the process after the crowdfunding is completed is much easier, since it is a unique integrated system, creators will have it easier to fill in the information about shipping rates and connect it to the backers. No complications, no surprises. The other big feature will be the calculators and educational content creators will have access to, in order to make sure all of their budgetary requirements and decisions are correct, so they can assure they’ll deliver their promise to backers.
  • [18:15]: If you launch on a big platform like Kickstarter, you’re competing with so many projects, and statistics are not clear on how the organic traffic works. Gamefound wants to create a more personalized experience for the backer, where they get to see the projects and content related to their personal preferences.
  • [24:57]: Gamefound will be available in pretty much every country that Kickstarter works with, with its main page in English, but allowing projects to be created in other languages. You’ll be able to use different currencies. The fees of the platform are very much like Kickstarter..
  • [29:10]: Gamefound wants to support the creators in every way possible, making it easier to email and communicate with team members when they have questions. Marcin also talks about how they’ll be able to do pixel tracking.
  • [32:03]: What’s coming up in 2021 for Gamefound.

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