Animo: Cross Trainers with Josh Patton

In this episode, host Nalin talks to Josh Patton about marketing for Animo: Cross Trainers that raised  $21,545 on Kickstarter.

We discuss:

          [2:00] What Animo: Cross Trainers is about, and how this narrowed down the marketing to a specific market.

          [6:06] Collecting emails in niche specific conventions, announcing upcoming expansions, and using facebook ads as part of the pre launch marketing campaign.

          [10:36] Understanding the audience: After getting visitors to the landing page, using this information to re target the facebook ads and get new leads. 

          [15:11] Having small giveaways of the game cards at conventions as an incentive to start conversations and collect emails. 

          [20:35] Creating sales flyers for customers inviting them to check other products on the series when they buy one. 

          [22:41] The 3 emails sent on the week prior to launch to remind people and build excitement about the campaign.

          [24:06] Using facebook groups to share the launch day.

          [25:55] Having a giveaway and a monthly facebook challenge helped in the live campaign as an organic promoter, since people were sharing the kickstarter site with their own networks. 

          [31:49] The most successful marketing strategy was having a limited personalized premium reward at the very beginning of the campaign. 

          [36:54]  The new projects coming up.

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