Buy the Vote! with Coozies Games

In this episode, host Nalin talks to  David and Justin from Coozies Games about  Buy the Vote! that raised   30,072 $ on Kickstarter.

We discuss:

–          [1:38] How Coozies Games was born from a family of board game enthusiasts, and what Buy the Vote! is about.

–          [5:38] The importance of pre-launch marketing, for building excitement. They went to conventions and had people try the game and fill in surveys about the experience. Since it is a 15 minutes play through time, this was a key selling point to get strangers to try the game. 

–          [12:32] How they did the survey and what they learn from it. 

–          [16:29] The difficulties of launching a game with a political theme, and the mission behind it.

–          [19:15] Using Kickstarter as a way to fund creating a game vs. using it as a way to find a bigger market.

–          [26:19] Using 1 on 1 reach out to people on Launch day, bringing around 300 new backers to Kickstarter!

–          [30:06] The best conversion came from conventions, and much less from digital marketing ads. Youtube reviewers are also great exposure for board game creators.

–          [32:59] How to connect with David and Justin at Coozies Games

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Final marketing tip from David and Justin to new board game creators:

“Figure out exactly who your target audience is. You can’t be everything to all people. You have to pick and choose who you think would fall in love with your board game creation!”

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