Building A Publishing Company With Ed Baraf

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Eduardo Baraf about the complicated and incredible journey of making a career in the board game designing and publishing world. He talks about the keys to success like building a community and really getting to know your audience, but also the importance of connecting with other people and being willing to lend a hand.

 We discuss:

  • [01:20]: Ed tells us a bit about his career in game design, from working in the videogame industry to launching his first game through Kickstarter, to becoming a games reviewer, to launching his own tabletop games publishing company
  • [05:30]: How the marketing and board game scene has changed over the years, with the increase of games being published each year, the strength on the community and guerrilla-style of marketing; and the importance of knowing your limits when it comes to marketing and social media, and asking for help when needed.
  • [15:31]: Ed talks about the importance of knowing your long-run goal with your game. The importance of asking yourself what you really want to do, to achieve, where do you see yourself going in the board game scenario. All of this will give you a good start on your journey and you won’t be wasting time working on things you’re not passionate about or that don’t bring you closer to your goals.
  • [26:08]: Ed talks about the main cores of Pencil First publishing company, and how the focus on passion, quality, community building, and communication as transversal values integrated into everything they do and offer to the public.
  • [32:37]: The incredible importance of really getting to know your audience and who you’re preparing your game for, is the best way to make your marketing strategy more efficient. Knowing your buyer persona and their interests will make or break your campaign.
  • [42:14]: Ed mentions the importance of creating a record of each step of your production process and using it as a good opportunity for content creations, in order to share and connect with the audience waiting for the game. 
  • [48:32]: If you’re any type of creator you are willing to help and collaborate with others, in order to create authentic relationships and learn from others. Starting conversations can lead to personal and professional growth. 
  • [54:02]: What Floriferuos the game is about, who worked on it and how you can get in touch with Ed.

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