Alien Puppies with Peter Hoang

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Peter Hoang about marketing for Alien Puppies.

Although he had a background in product development, being a first-time creator in crowdfunding got him to learn and experiment with digital marketing and audience building. He learned the best way to communicate his message to his leads and to directly answer any questions about his first project. Check out how he did it! 

We discuss:

  • [1:33]: What Alien Puppies is about and how Peter transitioned from developing digital products to creating his first physical product.
  • [05:15]: Choosing to launch through crowdfunding as a way to get early adopters for the game and as a validation platform.
  • [7:43]: Creating a Facebook group made the community building experience easier as it created a direct way to listen to the audience and use their input in the actual game. 
  • [12:32]: Using Facebook ads to try targeting different audiences and learning what would work best for this campaign to get the leads necessary to get to the funding goal.
  • [17:01]:  Using a Messenger chatbot and its high delivery rates to connect with leads and answer questions from first-time backers. 
  • [24:13]: The best marketing strategy was to use Facebook ads manager to know what was working and was not in terms of creatives and ads, taking data from people who did convert into backers.
  • [26:08]: Advice for people considering working with a marketing agency.
  • [27:23]: Where you can get Alien Puppies and get in contact with Peter.

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Final marketing tip from Peter to new board game creators:

“One main marketing advice: start collecting e-mail leads as early as possible and get as much feedback as possible from your potential backers, board game creators & marketers who have previously launched successful Kickstarter campaigns. The entire process will also help you iterate on the design and improve your game.”

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