A Conversation with Gabe Barrett

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Gabe from the Board Game Design Lab.

He has launched 10 crowdfunding campaigns and now is working on a huge platform to connect and help board game creators. He discusses the key points to succeed in crowdfunding and what he wants to achieve with Board Game Design Lab. Check it out!

 We discuss:

  • [1:20]: Who Gabe is and a bit of his podcaster journey. He has launched 10 crowdfunding campaigns so far!
  • [03:16]: The key to launching a successful campaign is to understand who your audience is, listening to their input and opinions, and really getting in their mindset as consumers. Gabe creates 2 fictional characters with whom he has conversations about doubts and ideas he has about a product or campaign. These fictional but well-described characters help Gabe get into the consumer mindset. 
  • [7:41]: It’s all about building relationships. One is better than zero, and you want to start creating those relationships one at a time and snowballing your growth from there.
  • [12:38]: With entrepreneurship, community building, and crowdfunding, you want to play the long game. You want to really invest time in the social channel that you actually like and grow over time. Success comes from everyday habits.
  • [16:01]: The more you stick to habits that help your business grow, the easier it’ll be to follow through. Scheduling time windows for specific things is a good place to start in order to get organized and do the things you need to be doing, and how this translates to the relationships you need to succeed in crowdfunding. 
  • [23:25]: Gabe’s advice on dealing with people online who don’t love your product. 
  • [27:28]: We live in exciting times that allow the creation of new ideas more than ever, there are no excuses anymore to not work on your dream. 
  • [30:25]: There’s only so much you can do in 24 hours. Having self-care habits will help your creativity and productivity.
  • [33:50]: What’s the idea behind  Board Game Design Lab and how it can help and inspire creators, the content and tools that will be available. Launching soon.

Final marketing tip from Gabe to new board game creators:

“No matter what happens, keep moving forward. Even if it’s just one inch at a time. They don’t blow the whistle until forward progress is stopped. (Also, try to use more sports metaphors to understand things…)”

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